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Exciting Chota Bheem Games

Chota Bheem has been India’s most popular animated show for five years now, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon. Children and adults alike love the adventures of young Indian boy Chota Bheem, Pyaari Chutki, Mighty Raju, Ustaad Kalia, and all the other beloved characters of this popular television series. After 120 episodes and 14 movies, including one released to theaters, Chota Bheem remains more popular than ever.

And children of the show have dozens of opportunities to play Chota Bheem games. There is just of a ton of fun titles to try out.

And like the show, these Chota Bheem games are both educational and fun.

Available Chota Bheem Games

The best part about all those Chota Bheem games out there is that you can easily find something for your child. There are games out there that can match a number of skill levels and interests. Racing games, fighting games, and sports games are just some of the possibilities waiting for you. Anyone should be able to find something they’ll want to play again and again.

If your child is a cricket fan, then you’re in luck. There are several wonderful Chota Bheem cricket games to choose from.

These are just some of the games available featuring Chota Bheem, and other favorite characters from the TV series and films. Remember that all of these games are available to play and enjoy for free on the official Chota Bheem website, but you have to register if you want to post your scores online.

Registering is easy enough, and once you do, your child will be able to master any of the games they want, and then post their scores online for the entire world to see. Sports games such as fishing and basketball test players eye/hand coordination, and their ability to think and move quickly. Target Practice, Target Practice 2, and Balloon Blaster demand steady aim and great precision. Whatever type of arcade action you’re looking for, or if you want your child to join Chota and the gang on an adventure that’s bound to teach a lesson or two (like Cooking Class or Dholakpur Quiz), you can find the right game for your child. You may even find yourself wanting to play a few rounds.

Play Chota Bheem Games Today

All you have to do to enjoy these Chota Bheem games is go online. It’s that simple. Remember that you will have to register with the site to post high scores, but doing so is easy, and it’s entirely up to you. Registering is not necessary to be able to play any of the games listed above.

And that’s far from all there is. Look for exciting new games on the horizon, including new titles scheduled to be released in summer 2013.

It hasn’t taken young Chota to capture the hearts of millions. Anyone you know who loves these characters will love everything to do with these games. Find out which one is your child’s favorite today.

Chota Bheem Games